Newfangled idea — SUPER BOWL XLIX

Integrated Campaign
Newfangled Idea premiered on the Today Show six days prior to the Super Bowl. It received more than 10 million YouTube views before kickoff, so if you’ve seen it already, you can skip to 1:20 and watch how we supported the commercial with an Easter Egg Contest and additional social efforts.

Archive Vol. 2, 2015; New York Festivals finalist 2015; Cannes Shortlist 2015; #17 in the CBS Top 50 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials countdown; #23 in the Ad Age list of Top 50 Super Bowl Ads; #31 in USA Today's Ad Meter Top 50 Super Bowl Ads


Agency: kbs+

Role: Art Director
CCO: Dan Kelleher
CCO: Jonathan Mackler
ECD: Paul Renner
GCD: Marc Hartzman
CW: Rob Hirst-Hermans